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    Quality of the finished parts and economy of the moulding process depend on an ideal surface preparation and on a perfect film of release waxes. This calls for perfection in the mould process treatment using top quality products.


    OSKAR'S M-Products fulfil these demands.


    Liquid and paste buffing and polishing compounds enable a best possible preparation of moulds and finished parts to overcome all difficulties. They are formulated for every individuel demand, and can be used by hand or mashine application. Ammonia and silicone free.


    Quality and effectiveness of the release waxes are the key for optimal moulding results. The separating film must be hard, extremely fine and resistant to get high quality parts, a maximum number of pulls and no damage of moulds or finished parts.The liquid wax avoids ?wax build up", removes ?over spray", cleans and resores.


    The result: moulded parts with remarkable good finish, an intact mould ready for additional pulls and a very economical production. All this ist not a secret - only the logical consequence by using the OSKAR'S M-PRODUCTS technologie. It guarantees the best result.