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  • M-200 Extra heavy duty cleaner

    A universal fast cutting mixture of fine and medium fine abrasive particles, for outstanding buffing action. Formulated for profes­swnal, high temperature machine buffing, but can also be applied by hand. Especially formulated for the preparation and maintenance of polyester and epoxy moulds or surfaces. Devel­oped tot quick and easy removel of the „coarse marks" and scratches remaining on the surface after the „wet and dry" sanding procedure.

    M-200 LIQUID EXTRA HEAVY DUTY CLEANER, is the most abrasive cleaner and the first to be used after the sanding procedure - then followed with M-300 LIQUID HEAVY DUTY CLEANER (fine abrasive), for the final high gloss surface. The unique feature of the polishing alumina used for the OSKAR'S M-200 and M-300, is that the abrasive particles „break-down" to finer and finer particle size, during the appli­cation, and thereby ensure both effective and gentle cleaning and polishing action simultaneously, without any possible damage to the gel-coat.

    Before applying M-200, make sure that the mould or surface is completely free from any foreign matter, such as cured glasfibre
    particles etc. that might damage the surface if allowed into the buffing pad or application cloth. Always use only clean buffing pads.


    Does not contain silicones or waxes.


    Application Instructions:

    IMPORTANT: Shake the container well before each application!

    1. Apply M-200 generously with a soft cloth of directly on the buffing pad and smear out the product evenly to an area of approximately 50 - 50 cm (2 - 3 sqft). Machine buff until sanding murks orscratches are removed. Repeat application if needed until the surface is perfect. The best buffing effect is achieved by using OSKAR'S BUFFING PADS No. 880A (round up) twisted wool. Recommended RPM: 1800 to 2100 RPM maximum.

    2. When the compound begins to dry, ease pressure to achieve a high gloss.




    Store in a cool and dry place, protect from frost, 24 months


    Safety Instructions:

    Refer to the Material Data Sheet.