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  • M-400 Mould restorer and cleaner

    For final mould preparation

    M-400 contains a very fine grade of polishing alumina for gentle but effective deep cleaning and polishing action. For hand and machine polishing.
    Recommended for final preparation to remove fine scratches and the fatty haze er residue that might remain from previous buffing.

    Before applying M-400 make sure that the surface is free from any particles that would damage the surface, and use only clean buffing parts.
    For temporary protection use OSKAR'S M-500 LIQUID MOULD RELEASE WAX es a seal of pure Carnauba, which is the ideal surface for the following application of M-700 MOULD RE­LEASE PASTE WAX.


    Does not contain silicones or waxes.

    Application Instructions:

    Shake the container well before each application.

    1. Apply a fin, even coat of M-400 over 1 square meter with a soft cloth er directly with the buffing pad. Smear out evently before starting the machine. Machine buff until scratches er buffing marks are removed. Repeat application if needed
    until the surface is perfect. Wo recommend to use the OSKAR'S BUFFING PADS No. 880 A(round up) er No. 804 RU (lambs wool) max 2100 RPM. Oskar's pads ans was­hable - use normal detergent.

    2. When the compound begins to dry, ease pressure to achie­ve a high gloss finish.




    Store in a cool and dry place, protect from frost, 24 months


    Safety Instructions:

    Refer to the Material Data Sheet.