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  • M-100 (White) Buffing- and polishing compound.

    M-100 is a universal- fast cutting mixture of extremely fine and medium fine abrasive particles with outstanding polishing action.
    Formulated to simplify all normal buffing and mould preparation, and for maintenance and repairs of polyester and epoxy moulds.
    Recommended for removal of sanding marks and mould imperfections, a one­product-system, giving a deep gloss finish, also on finished parts for a final touch-up of hazy or dull finishes.

    For high temperature machine buffing.

    Contains no additives harmful to polyester gelcoats or epoxy surfaces.

    Does not contain silicones or waxes.

    Application Instructions:

    1. Apply M-100 with OSKAR'S APPLICATION SPONGE or a soft cloth, to an area of approximately 40-50 cm 2. Machine buff (Max. 2100 RPM) until sanding marks or scratches are removed. (Recommended, OSKAR'S BUFFING PAD 880 A), M-100 is formulated for high temperature buffing, therefore pressure can be applied.

    2. When the compound starts drying, ease pressure to achieve high gloss. Repeat application if necessary.
    Important: Clean the buffing pad frequently.

    3. Final preparation: To clean the mould and give the surface a temporary pro­tection - use OSKAR'S M-500 MOULD RELEASE LIQUID WAX AND CLEANER



    Store in a cool and dry place, protect from frost, 24 months


    Safety Instructions:

    Refer to the Material Data Sheet.