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  • M-150 (White) Super finish polishing compound

    M-150 Super Finish is a top quality formula containing extremely fine and uniform abrasives with outstanding polishing action for hand er high temperature machine polishing. Especially developed for polishing of polyrethane Iaquire and gel-coated or epoxy surfaces where a super finish is required. Also recommended for use on finished parts for a fast touch-up of imperfect er dull surfaces. M-150 has an extremely gentle cutting action to achieve the smoothest, high gloss finish possible, and requires therefore a good basis surface prior to application. lt is recommended to use OSKAR'S M-100 for the removal of deeper sanding marks er surface imperfections.


    Does not contain silicones or waxes.


    Application Instructions:

    1. Apply M-150 with a soft cloth, to an area of approximately 50 x 60 cm in square (2 - 3 sqft). Machine buff until sanding marks er scratches are removed. Repeat application if needed until the surface is prefecL The best polishing effect is achie­ved by using OSKAR'S BUFFING PADS No. 880A (round up) for the initial appli­cation and to give the surface is final super finish it is recommended to use OSKAR'S LAMBS WOOL POLISHING RADS NO. 804 RU (YELLOW). Recom­mended RPM: 1800 to 2100 maximum.

    2. When the compound begins to dry, esse pressure to achieve a high gloss. IMPORTANT: TO ACHIEVE THE FINEST RESULT USE ONLY NEW OR ABSO­LUTELY CLEAN PADS AND CLEAN THE PADS FREQUENTLY FROM RE­SIDUE.

    3 For final preparation: Clean the mould and give the surface a temporary protec­tion by using OSKAR 'S M-500 MOULD RELEASE WAX er OSKAR 'S M-400 LIQUID MOULD RESTORER AND CLEANER.


    Store in a cool and dry place, protect from frost, 24 months


    Safety Instructions:

    Refer to the Material Data Sheet.