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  • M-50 (White) Extra heavy duty buffing and polishing compound

    M-50 is an universal, fast cutting formula of medium fine abrasives with extre­mely uniform particles that gives an ontstanding polishing action for high tem­perature machine buffing. M-50 is developed to simplify all common heavy duty buffing, formulated especially for the preparation and the maintenance of Polyester and Epoxy moulds er surfaces. Developed for quick and easy remo­val of coarse marks and scratches, remaining on the surface after the „wet and dry" sanding procedures. For the final deep gloss finish, OSKAR'S M-100 BUFFING AND POLISHING COMPOUND is recommended.



    Contains no additives harmful to Polyester gelcoats er Epoxy surfaces.

    Does not contain silicones or waxes.


    Application Instructions:

    1. Apply M-50 with a soft cloth, to an area of approximately 50x50 cm (2 - 3 sqft). Machine buff until sanding marks er scratches are removed. Repeat application if needed until the surface is prefect. The best buffing effect is achieved by using OSKAR'S BUFFING PADS 880A (round up). Recommended RPM: 1800 to 2100 RPM. M-50 is formulated for high tem­perature machine buffing and therefore, high pressure can be applied.


    2. When the compound starts drying, ease pressure to achieve high gloss. IMPORTANT: CLEAN THE BUFFING PADS FREQUENTLY FROM RE­SIDUE.


    3. For final preparation: Clean the mould and give the surface a temporary protection by using OSKAR'S M-500 MOULD RELEASE LIQUID WAX er OSKAR'S M-400 LIQUID MOULD RESTORER AND CLEANER.



    Store in a cool and dry place, protect from frost, 24 months


    Safety Instructions:

    Refer to the Material Data Sheet.